horizont implements the individual demands of our customers in the best possible way – therefore, it goes without saying that our forwarding department renders comprehensive services as concerns the logistics.
In the central warehouse in Korbach more than 10,000 products of the horizont group are stocked for world-wide dispatch.

The 8,000 storage places for pallets in the high-rack, 1,500 storage places for containers and 2,500 storage places in the machine aided depot for small parts guarantee a very  flexible  storage of a continuously growing range of products.
In order to meet the requirements for short delivery periods and high quality, the 35 employees of the logistic department work in 2 shifts.

The majority of the goods can be delivered within 24 hours to the domestic market.
The organisation of the warehouse is supported by a modern warehouse management system. Each stacker, all devices for operating the racks and each packing place are equipped with a radio data terminal and a scanner.