The beginning is an innovative idea. From this idea, we develop an intelligent solution.
The visions of our customers enable us to manufacture products for the world market, using our know-how and engagement.

As an example we would like to mention the development of a line of lamps which should display the stage of the washing process in the portal of car washes, ordered by the company Washtec – a well-known manufacturer in the field of car washes.
During the development of this line of lamps we relied from the beginning upon a close teamwork between our construction-, tooling- and production departments on the one hand and the customer on the other.

The permanent dialogue with our customer enabled us to implement suggestions and ideas for the product design and product optimization at an early stage.
Within 12 weeks we executed the production of the three moulds ordered, inclusive of the first mould patterns.
And just 12 month after having the first contact with the partners, the first delivery of a large order of lamps for Washtec was carried out.