Living without electricity? In our modern world this has become highly unimaginable - and to the same degree the field of application for transformers and spools has become universal.

Innumerable functions in different areas like laboratory- and measurement engineering, electronically data processing and machine construction would be unimaginable without them.

At horizont, we exclusively process high-class and modern materials with the utmost precision on semi-automatic machines with CNC-control and program memory.
Even extraordinary customer wishes can be fulfilled in a quick, flexible and cost-saving way.
We wrap CU- enamelled winding wires with a diameter of 0,1 to 2mm upon spools and process them into small transformers. 

In our works, we stick, bond, rivet or weld the transformer kerns. The appropriate finishing process of the transformers is done by dipping, vacuum-steeping or vacuum sealing.

Spool diameter: max. 120mm

Spool width:     max. 150mm