Mechanical splicing

Today the mechanical splicing technique is one of the most reliable, multifunctional and cost-saving joining techniques. In just one production step the necessary piece is cut off the strand, the connector is formed and so a stable and reliable solder-less contact is made.

Having once adjusted a tool for splicing, each joint produced on this tool shows the same values and characteristics for a long time.

Strands with a diameter of 0,5 to 1,5mm² with all standard plugs and cable sockets – attached on one or both sides- can be processed to joints of 40mm to 5m length from the reel or drum.

For the sizing and packaging of the cables, our employees work on semi-automatic and/or full-automatic machines, using their experience of many years in this production line. 
Of course we also cut the cables to length and strip their insulation for you.