Silk-screen printing & hot imprinting technique

The silk screen printing process, which works on the principle of the stencil printing, has developed to one of the primary methods for the imprinting of plastic parts.
The fact that the colour in the silk screen process is applied 5- to 10 times as thick as in other printing methods means the silk-screen printing method is especially suitable for high-quality plastic parts which are exposed to high strains or the weather.

The silk screen printing method is especially suited for printing on smooth surfaces, but even slightly rough surfaces aren’t an obstacle for this method.
Our products are imprinted either single- colour (hot-imprinting or silk-screen printing) or multi-colour (only silk-screen method), which enables us to imprint operating prompts, corporate logos, pictures and patterns purposeful and with commercial appeal.

Maximum surface to be imprinted:

Silk-screen method
Up to 700 x 300mm

Hot imprinting
Up to 130 x 100mm.