Injection moulding

Our own tool fabrication, modern production techniques and a qualified staff are the guarantee for quality, profitability and rapidity.

In our injection moulding department, plastic-mouldings with a weight from 0,003 to 1, 5 kg are produced with machines from 25 to 400 t clamping force. The supply of the different pellets in customary colours and grades is carried out by a central material distribution.

A powerful cooling water conditioning helps to fabricate our products under best possible conditions. For the treatment of transparent plastics, which are used for the fabrication of optical parts, special machines are at our disposal.

Due to the fact that the thermoplastic materials in their great variety can be used for nearly each purpose, they find constant and innovative appliance. Our job as competitive plastics manufacturer is to satisfy our customers by realizing your ideas accurately and as fast as possible.